Goals for Enrollments

Our goals are based on (average) contract amount per new student. Working off of our current price schedule, the low-average that a new student enrolling in a martial arts program will be paying $99 per month. The average kickboxing student will pay $49 per month. To reach our goal of $15,000 in monthly tuition collections off of our evening classes, we need to hit the following numbers every month:

  • 12 new martial arts students each month (12 students x $79 = $1,188 in monthly tuition payments; $1,188 x 12 months = $14,256)
  • 8 new fitness boxers each month (8 x $49 = $392 in monthly tuition payments; $392 x 12 months = $4,704)
  • In order to make these numbers, we will have to generate 35 information calls and other inquiries each month, setting appointments for 28 of them, making sure 25 make their first intro, 24 make their second intro, and enroll 21 onto a program.

If we meet these goals consistently over the course of a year, we will end up with a potential monthly tuition collection check of $18,960. Subtracting 10% for attrition and late payments, this leaves us with about $17,064 in tuition collections each month, which will put us well over our goal.