Goals with BBC

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Your goal is to have 60% of your tuition come from renewals. Each month, review your billing statement and simply add it up. One total will be trial programs (non-BBC) and the other will be BBC. Then add in the down payments you receive and determine what percentage of total tuition represents BBC.

Since BBC tuition and the down payment are more than trial programs, the only reason you shouldn’t have more renewal tuition than trial tuition is that you are not making the presentations. Or, if you are making the presentations, you’re not following these steps closely.

Let’s say that in January you enroll 20 people. By June, provided your retention is reasonable, you should have at the minimum, 80% of the remaining active from that original 20 on BBC.

Our eventual goal is to have everyone who is not a brand new student or our advanced students on BBC. Even though you have C students, if you follow the steps closely, you’ll work on creating enthusiasm in those students to get on board. So they may be C’s in March but by June we have them ready for BBC membership.