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A martial arts millionaire since age 41, Greg Silva is a master of creating successful systems.

6 Session Online Course to Teach You How to Enroll 50+ Students in 90 Days!

From Greg Silva: I have taken a new approach to owner consulting and mentoring.   I find many schools are looking for specific training. 

They tell me, "I just need help in getting new students, once they enroll I keep them. Just help me get more.”   

I hear you and have spent quite a bit of time on putting together a new course titled 50+ students in 90 days.   

I chose the course format because everything is recorded, videoed including support material and training exercises.  

You can watch and study on your own time and proceed as fast as you want.   You can review, share with you team, down load everything to audio, listen in your car or while training.   

PLUS along with this course comes 6 weeks of small group coaching with me to answer questions, clarify points and for you to measure your results with other school owners from around the country.   

Greg Silva

John Graden has been a pioneer and leader in the martial arts business for over 20-years. I’m proud to work with him and offer MATA members a massive discount on my new program,
50 Students in 90-Days.

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