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Martial Arts School Management

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How to Collect Tuition

How to Increase the Value of Your Martial Arts School

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How to Compensate Staff

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How to Teach Martial Arts

Teaching Strategies by Age Group by Dr. Derenda Schubert

Language Patterns to Avoid

How to Develop Charisma by Brian Tracy

Discipline, Praise, & Punishment by Gianine D. Rosenblum, Ph.D.

Instructor Certification and Training

How to Reduce Student Drop Out

Pre-School Age Student Training

How to Grow a Leadership Team

Principles of an Authoritative Instructor

How to Conduct a Proper Warm-Up 

How to Teach Kicking Safely 

How to Teach Self-Defense Safely

How to Teach Sparring by John Graden

Teaching Students with ADHD by Dr. Derenda Schubert, Ph. D.

Working with Parents 

Avoiding Negligence 

Proper Use of Student Instructors by Scot Conway, Esquire

School Layout to Minimize Risk by Scot Conway, Esquire

Proper Use of Release Forms by Scott Conway, Esquire

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The MATA Instructor Certification Program

The MATA Instructor Certification Program provides teachers an effective process
to create and maintain a productive classroom environment.

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