How a Kid Straight Out of College can Steal Your Market

“There is no way the iPhone will gain market share. No way.”

— Steve, Balmer,
Microsoft President in a 2007
USA Today interview

I read an article years ago about how some people viewed the invention of the telephone as an unnecessary expense and a blight of society. They lamented that the phone would be the end of the letter and they resisted getting phones for years. The same hap- pened with horse riders and the advent of the car.

What amazes me is that most small business and private practice owners have the same attitude towards web marketing and creating an Internet presence.

After nearly 20 years of the web’s existence, too many business owners still seem to take pride in their lack of web savvy. I can’t
tell you how many times I’ve heard this phrase, “Computer? I don’t even know how to turn one on.” Mind you, the one consistency of the comment is that invariably, the person making the comment is over age 40.

Think about it. Why would you leave your business vulnerable to some web-savvy kid, fresh out of college who just got his black belt to dominate your business in the most powerful marketing medium in history?

When the media looks for someone to interview, they search online. Are they going to find you or the kid?

You may have high rank in belts, but the kid knows how to get high rank on Google, and that means the kid gets to your prospects and the media before you do.

If your school does not have a PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED, mobile friendly website, then you are making it harder for the media (and your potential clients) to find you. That is simply bad business.

When I owned martial arts schools, I dominated the media in Tampa Bay. I was known as “Mr. Karate.” I had my own TV show and it made all the difference in the success of my business. Today, the web is the medium and I’m at it every day.

For instance, Google “John Graden.” You’ll see a huge presence on the web, video, and images.

Go to and search for martial arts. I am rarely out of the top ten. YouTube is the SECOND LARGEST SEARCH ENGINE! Why is this important? Because it expands my influence just like it will yours. I get emails and phone calls from around the world including many from the media because I was everywhere they looked on the subject.

In the chapter on social media sites, I’ll share the story of how one video that I placed on resulted in my wife and I flying to New York City for me to guest on the Dr. Oz Show.

There are two important issues here: the web and the media. More and more, they are converging into one. You must gain control of your online presence and optimize it to attract customers, clients, and the media or hire someone like me to do it for you.

The World Wide Web provides you with the most powerful “marketing without marketing” platform in existence. Yet, most professionals have no idea how to take advantage of it. That ends today in this section.

I will walk you through the process of creating a steady stream of new clients using various web-based tools that will pull clients through the resistance they may have against your services.

Here are the primary tools you can use to jumpstart your position as an expert in your field. Keep in mind that all of these tools run on the fuel of good SEO. Always produce with SEO and your “Ideal Client” in mind.