Over 13-million people will be bullied in school. Here is your chance to help them with this fantastic, life-changing anti-bullying seminar that you can offer for pay or for free.

While MATA has new Back to School promo packages for members, the most important preparation you can make is to learn how to teach a law enforcement based Cobra-Defense Bullying Seminar System.

How to Become a Recognized Bullying Expert by Your Governor 

“After meeting with the Lt. Gov. of Iowa and I am going to be used as an expert and be on the forefront of what’s going on in Iowa’s bully fight. We are also going to work with the Iowa Department of Education. The plan is to have Cobra Anti-Bully Action Plan into all 351 school districts in 3 years. 

“Our families have had phenomenal success using the Cobra program and they wanted all families in Iowa to share in the success. Thank you for such a powerful anti-bully program!”

Amy Ratekin, Iowa Spirit Tae Kwon Do

For less than $100, you can have a powerful, REALITY bullying based program that will elevate you above your competition. But you have to move fast.

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Teaching a non-violent anti-bully program in your community is a great way to expand your presence and create notoriety for yourself and your school.

This system has mass appeal and is ideal for PTA, Churches, Civic Groups etc… 

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