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17. How to Build a 6-Figure Self-Defense Business

by | Offline Marketing & Sales

The Free Power Class drives new student enrollments
for Joe Robaina of COBRA-Defense Miami.

Find out more about COBRA-Defense at

Joe Robaina is a veteran martial artist with a wide range of skills and talent. But for the last few years, he has excelled in the self-defense business. Joe shares some strategies that have helped him to build a successful self-defense business.

During that process, he has discovered some realities about the martial arts business model and how the COBRA Self-Defense business system operates in order to avoid those pitfalls.

Show Notes

Just in time learning vs just in case.

:45 the new world for martial arts

1:15 What people want in a martial arts school

1:40 McDojo?

2:15 Why teach Latin in an English language course?

2:30 Joe Robaina intro

3:30 Why leave martial arts to go to Cobra?

4:30 what people want in martial arts

6:00 Just in Case learning vs Just in Time

7:15 When John Graden took the 10-week COBRA Self-Defense Course

8:10 How COBRA students compare to black belts

8:45 Where does COBRA come from?

11:00 What are the common misconceptions about self-defense?

11:30 The power of asking students what they think they need?

13:00 We don’t offer a bandaid solution to your problem

14:20 Who seeks out self-defense training?

16:00 You can’t just learn how to swim in a pool. The ocean is different.

17:00 Why you want responsible decision makers to at least watch the first class

18:00 What are your best marketing strategies for COBRA?

19:15 The importance of not looking like everyone else

19:40 The Free Power Class

21:00 are the riots increasing the Self Defense business?

21:30 Sheriff, “You should get self-defense training.”

22:00 Defund the Police is creating fear

23:00 How does COVID factor 

24:00 Is more better?

25:00 What the Miami SWAT Tactical Division ask Joe to teach them about riots?

27:20 How to deliver the value to charge top dollar for self-defense training

28:00 The key line that surprises audiences.

29:00 How to explain the victim mentality

30:00 How do people really value self-defense?

31:00 Why self defense doe NOT take a back seat to ANY profession

31:10 The BEST explanation of the value of self-defense EVER!

32:00 What you have to demonstrate in selling self-defense programs.

33:00 Look, listen, and feel where you are at now

33:20 The market is totally different now

33:40 Does your training work on Zoom?

34:50 How do you answer, “What do you do for a living?”
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