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John Graden

John Graden

Executive Director

A protege of martial arts legend Joe Lewis. John Graden led the martial arts into the modern era by creating the first professional association, trade journal & instructors certification program.

If the COVID-19 shut down ends in time for schools to run summer camps, here is a podcast that will help you to plan, promote, and profit from a successful summer camp.

This interview was conducted in Jim King’s school in Altamonte Springs, FL. There is some background noise because it is a very busy school.

NOTE: This was recorded in 2017.

Summer Camp with Jim King

:15 Three strategies to recover.

 1:00 Why summer camp.

1:30 Resources for summer camp info.

1:45 Jim King intro.

1:50 Hardcore traditional karate based.

2:00 Jim has 156 students in his asp.

2:45 Jim shares his numbers.

3:40 How summer camp feeds after school program..

7:45 Define summer camp.

8:40 What should school owners do starting in April?

13:40 Structure of each day.

20:00 Transportation.

24:30 Field Trips.

Live Jim King Info Call

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