How to Sell More Merchandise

The Power of Suggestive Selling.

It is actually easy to sell someone merchandise without even asking them for a sale. It’s called suggestive selling. You simply recommend an item either verbally or on paper and most of your students will come back to you and request the item in the near future.

This, of course, starts with you, your staff and your black belts. Make sure that you and your staff are always wearing the golf shirts, T-shirts and other item that you want the students to buy.

Your students look up to you, they respect you and they want to be like you. If you are always wearing a school T-shirt of golf shirt then they to will soon want to be wearing one. Never allow your staff to wear anything in the way of shirts expect your school ones.

For years, is was a badge of honor to have a worn out uniform, gear and belt. It showed you had been around for a while. Think about that as an example.

The last thing you want is your students thinking they should use their gear until it falls apart. They’ll never buy anything! Make sure your staff is always using new, clean and sharp looking uniforms and gear.

How to Sell More Books

Books and videos are the perfect items to sell in your shop. Students are studying your art and study typically involves reading. But, here is another example where you can’t just put the books on the shelf and expect them to sell by themselves.

You have to create a scenario where the students buy the books as a matter of course.

Each time a new student enrolls, hand them a simple photo copied sheet of paper with a list of recommended reading. On it list the 10 books you think will be most useful to your students.

The recommended reading list along, with a simple suggestion that they would find these books of great help in their training will boost sales big time.

Video Sales

The idea can be taken further by adding a few video titles to the list of recommended material. Videos offer an excellent source of income since most sell at a 40 to 50% mark up. Some schools have curriculum videos included in the exam fee.

When a student tests and passes a green belt exam, he pays a $40 exam fee which includes the next level video. The video won’t cost more than $5 with production and duplication. Just make sure you do a good job in producing the video. Make it something to be proud of as it reflects directly on you.

Sell Merchandise to Everyone

Students aren’t the only prospects for pro-shop sales. Here is a “check list” of potential sales in a student’s first year. How many of these sales are you getting?

Student Year-One

  • Headgear
  • Hand pads
  • Feet pads
  • Mouthpiece
  • Rib guard
  • Shin pads
  • Cup for guys
  • 2nd uniform
  • School patch
  • Three-five different T-shirts with your school name and logo
  • Martial arts shoes
  • Sweat shirt
  • Logo school bag
  • Baseball cap
  • Misc. Books and videos applicable to your system

How did you do? If you got them all, good for you. Now, here’s the real test.

Parent Year-One

  • Logo school golf shirt
  • Logo school T-shirt
  • Sweat shirt
  • Baseball cap
  • Coffee mug
  • Kicking shield for practice with child


As you can see, the key to good merchandising is to get an idea of what you want to accomplish. When you look at these two lists, and multiply those products by your entire student body, and their families, you can see how a good pro-shop can add up to a serious profit center.