How to Sell Sparring Equipment

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Sparring equipment is the easiest sale in your school since it is mandatory for all students who are involved in any type of sparring.

Most schools seem to introduce some kind of sparring at the gold belt level 4-6 weeks into the program. Not only might that be too late, but you can sell the gear much earlier than that. Just don’t get them sparring that early. You can get them doing drills instead.

Not only is this a safer way to teach and keep students, but the equipment is built into the class content, so if you don’t have it, you can’t participate.

White belts work defensive blocking and punching drills with headgear, mouthpiece and hand pads.

When they make their gold belt in about eight weeks, they need shins, foot pads and a cup because the drills will begin to include kicking.

At the orange belt level after about three months, they need a rib protector because they will begin to make body contact during light sparring.

At the green belt level, after six months of training will they finally actually free spar and make head contact. As much as this flies in the face of the way many of us were taught and continue to teach, it is proven for creating better fighters and much, much higher retention. Plus the gear sells itself.

Safety Gear is the Right Gear for Any School Regardless of Style

  1. If your students are protected with a full complement of protective equipment, there is far less chance that they will sustain injuries. Injuries keep them out of the school, decrease their motivation and can cause them to quit coming back.
  1. Should a properly supervised student get injured while wearing a set of protective equipment, your liability should be lessened.
  1. Most school insurance policies require that students wear such equipment in order to obtain the insurance.

Many schools keep sparring equipment lying around for students to use. This not only hurts sales but it’s very not very safe, hygienic or dignified. A headgear is not like a baseball bat.

To make the selling of the sparring package easy, you can group the items together selling them at full retail but throwing in a free sport bag to keep their gear in. The bag and the sparring equipment, of course, has your logo and website url clearly imprinted on the bag.

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