Increase Retail Sales With Curriculum Design

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Your students need as much equipment as you tell them they need. By telling students to have a backup uniform or two so they never miss class because their main uniform is dirty you help a student and increase sales.

A student who owns a heavy bag, bag gloves and a kicking shield is more likely to practice at home. Also, that investment in equipment helps keep them committed to their training. Padded weapons classes like nunchukas, sword and kamas keep training fun and interesting, which helps retention.

Students can use hand-wraps, bag gloves, gear bags, t-shirts, journals, books, postcards, toys, nutritional products, water and any number of other items you can provide in your pro-shop.

Many retail items can become essential parts of your curriculum. For example, different styles and colors of uniforms can denote advancement or levels of membership, such as the Black Belt Club. A level of curriculum that includes grappling could require a judo uniform.

The implementation of Muay Thai kickboxing drills creates the opportunity for students to wear Thai shorts and t-shirts. Your curriculum can include bag work, which then requires safety gear, like hand wraps, gloves, shin and instep pads and footgear for protection.

Weapons practice at intermediate and advanced belt levels creates the need for those products. Your school’s educational and motivational philosophy can point your students to the pro shop as well.

You can emphasize the importance of keeping a journal, and your pro shop can sell training journals. You can promote the idea of reading over watching TV, and sell books.

Emphasize the importance of letter writing and provide postcards. Classroom reminders of the importance of nutrition can sell vitamins and nutritional beverages. Safety chats about the importance of proper hydration can sell bottled water and personal water bottles.

The best thing about linking your curriculum with retail items is that all of the items offer your student an improvement in the quality of their training and education.

The people who attend your school are going to be spending their disposable income on things like video rentals, fast food, cable TV, magazines and any number of other unessential items.

If you can instead sell them things that enhance their enjoyment of the martial arts and at the same time improve the quality of their lives, then you’re doing them a service –while helping your school to establish a healthy income.

Training Exercise

Take from 10 to 20 minutes to brainstorm on all of the items you could feature in your pro-shop that could be linked to your school’s curriculum.

Begin with the first seven steps as outlined below and then do the Brainstorming Follow Up after the seminar. (Tips: Required safety   equipment; At home training equipment; Club equipment i.e., Black Belt Club, Demo Team etc.; Food/Nutritional items; Seminar items; Seasonal items;   Novelty items; School Logo items; Apparel items: Notion items).