Increasing Shoe Sales

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Of course, most schools don’t allow shoes in the classroom. That doesn’t mean the school doesn’t allow show SALES though. Shoes are one of the best selling products in any martial arts pro-shop that offers them. Light, athletic, sharp looking martial arts shoes are very popular with students and parents of all ages and rank.

  1. Martial arts shoes have an almost signature look about them. They say “martial arts” without screaming it. They are subtle in their appeal and connection to the arts.
  1. If you have certain classes or nights where shoes are not only allowed, but encouraged your will see shoe sales jump. Why have such a class? Most of us don’t get attacked in our bare feet. Plus, training with shoes as a dimension of change to a form or a drill that makes it interesting and exciting for the students. The result is higher sales and happier students.
  1. We hate to say this, but when students wear shoes in class, the schools smell better! There are few things worse than going into a martial arts school that stinks of sweaty feet. It is a major turn off to everyone but the school owner, because he can’t smell it. He’s too used to it!

Sell each student a pair of shoes that cost $39.95 which you bought for $19.95 and you make $20 over the course of the year with 200 students that’s a net profit of $4,000. When it comes to martial arts shoes, sell only the high end shoes.

Not only is there more profit dollars for you, but people are used to spending much more than the most expensive martial arts shoes cost anyway.

Besides, Nike and Reebok won’t miss the sales you get from them with a good shoe program.