MATA Intake Intensive

How Many Students Do You Lose at Hello?

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Convert more callers to students.


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Phone Calls + Great Intake = More Students


  • q-iconDo you know how your phone is being answered?

    Imagine being able to eavesdrop on actual calls to your school. How fast would your team learn how to answer the phone when they have those calls critiqued and graded by MATA? How many more students would stop falling through the cracks when your team is trained by John Graden on how to answer the phone live with role plays?

    Training your intake team is critical to the success of any business.  The MATA Intake Intensive will give your school the systems and tools to successfully train existing staff and train new staff.

    By using a third party like MATA, training your staff becomes much easier and a common reference that everyone can use as the base standard.

    Your intake process needs systems that allow you to move through the intake process easily to control callers,  build relationships, qualify callers, and maximize every inquiry. You and your staff, with the best intentions, may actually be serving as your “student prevention” department.

    Poorly handled questions, voluntary information disclosure, and a lack of direction on where to take a phone call can all result in the prospect calling your competition.

    We will train you on exactly how to handle phone calls and email inquiries for maximum conversion from strangers to students.

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  • q-iconWhat does the Intake Intensive do?

    Here is how it works.

    1. We make shopping calls to your school. These calls are recorded and graded on our ten-point scorecard.

    2. We set a time for a training session. As the school owner, you have a choice as to how you’d like these training sessions to work.

    a. Owner Only

    In this session, Mr. Graden works directly with the owner to review and critique the call. Conduct role plays to anchor in new skills and discuss the entire intake process.

    b. Owner and Staff

    This is typically the second call after the owner only call. Mr. Graden will take the staff through the recorded call and score card and upgrade their skills to provide a more effective intake experience and outcome.

    c. Staff Only

    This is typically the second call after the Owner Only and Owner and Staff call. This is usually a follow up training session to make sure the staff have their new skills anchored in to increase the conversion rate of callers to students.

    Sign up for the mystery call at the top of the page and find out.

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Mr. Rob Kructhen

“I recently have been going through the biggest transition of my martial arts career. I am grateful I had Mr. Graden as my coach. He challenged my perspective and provided with me with direction and advice that could only come from someone with decades of experience. It’s a clear case of, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ If I were to measure the bottom line result of his help, it would be in the six-figures. If you get a chance to work with him, jump on it.”

Mr. Rob Kructhen, East Side Martial Arts


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The  Intake Intensive

Intake Intensive is a total solution that transforms how martial arts schools front line staff handle prospect calls.

So instead of your school spending MORE money on advertising to generate inquiries, the  Intake Intensive helps you make the most of what you’re already getting.

The  Intake Intensive shows owners and their teams how to handle intake calls, how to be MORE effective on the phone, in person or online with prospective students.

Intake Intensive teaches better intake and conversion by concentrating on on four things:

  • 1. Relationships (Empathy. Interest. Warmth.)
  • 2. Caller needs (Underlying motivations and situation)
  • 3. School (Why we are positioned to help the caller)
  • 4. Mechanics (price, schedule etc…)

Whereas most martial arts schools ignore this straightforward approach and simply spend MORE money on marketing to “make the phone ring”,  Intake Intensive helps clients understand where the school is “leaving money on the table.”

Our training quickly plugs those holes so that your sales funnel is flowing from top to bottom without losing potential students due to sloppy phone intake procedures.


What Other Martial Arts Leaders Say…

“With over 200 locations instructors and 25,000 students, we pride ourselves on bringing in the best speakers and trainers from around the world. John Graden has consistently been rated as the hands down favorite trainer by our organization here in the UK. He not only delivers, but he clearly walks the talk. We look forward to having him back.”

Matt Fiddes

Matt Fiddes
Matt Fiddes Martial Arts LTD, Devon, UK

No one has introduced more innovation or provided stronger leadership than John Graden. His reputation stands above all others in the field of training and speaking in the martial arts world.

Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis Fighting Systems

“John Graden is in the upper echelon of professional trainers and speakers. When he speaks, our clients listen and more importantly, they take action. We have brought him back over and over again and he never fails to deliver a fresh, funny and invigorating presentation.”

Joe Galea

Joe Galea
Member Solutions

John Graden is the guy I turned to when I need help with my school. From top to bottom, he knows this business inside and out.

Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock
Frank Shamrock, LLC

Here is how it works

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”22″ font_style=”bold” bottom_padding=”25″]The Intake Intensive Includes:[/text_block]
  • We will randomly shop your school and record the conversations for review.*
  • We will conduct  recorded role plays for phone calls, enrollments, and upgrades.*
  • Options Include:
  • Owner Only Training
  • Owner and Training
  • Staff Only Training
  • No additional charge for team members participation

Choose Your Training Call Sessions

One Call-$149

Two Calls-$225

Three Calls-$299

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”14″ font_style=”300″ font_color=”%23474747″ top_padding=”10″ line_height=”18″]Ask about ongoing weekly coaching and training with Mr. Graden.[/text_block]