Intent to Promote Form

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Notice of Intent to Promote ________________________________

(Students name)

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Our main objective at (Your School) is to develop well rounded students, not only at our (Your School) schools, but in society as well.  

Our school teaches the principles of Black Belt Excellence.  Not only do students become black belts in martial arts, but they also strive to become academic black belts and eventually, corporate black belts or black belt employees.  We use black belt as a metaphor for personal excellence.  

In order to monitor our student’s progress towards these goals,  we respectfully request that you complete the following:

1. This student is respectful,  doing satisfactory work and receiving passing grades 

AGREE  (circle one)DISAGREE


Teachers signatureDate

2. My son/daughter has been behaving in a respectful manner and cooperating at home.

AGREE  (circle one)DISAGREE


Parents signatureDate

If our students do not meet any of these qualifications either at home, at school, or here at (Your School), we will hold the students promotion until there has been satisfactory improvement.

If you have any direct feedback beyond the scope of this form, please feel free to write on a separate piece of paper or to call our instructor directly:

(Your School phone number)

Thank you for you cooperation.


Master Instructor

(Your School)