John Worley–National Karate

John Worley is a mentor of John Graden and a true pioneer in the martial arts school business.

John Worley–National Karate

Quality Students + Professional Operations = Long Term Success

  • 40+ years of running successful schools.
  • Currently has 38 Schools in is organization.
  • Has produced some of the nation’s top black belts.

In part one of this multi-part interview, John discusses time management for the school owner, dealing with competition, how much to charge, using contracts, how much a school should gross.

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John Worley–National Karate–1

Time management. Tuition pricing. Contracts and competition.

John Worley–National Karate–2

The mental attitudes of success. Their 45-year growth plan. What should a school gross?

John Worley–National Karate–3

What programs are offered and what is their trial lesson program?

John Worley–National Karate–4

What stats to track, where do students come from and what about tournaments?

John Worley–National Karate–5

How he started karate and his history leading up to 38 schools and 45-years of success.