An Interview
with Greg Silva 

Greg Silva of United Professionals

A martial arts millionaire since age 41, Greg Silva is a master of creating successful systems.

Greg Silva's Story

Trial Lesson System

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Who is Greg Silva?

Greg Silva is a martial arts lifer and icon of the industry. 

  • College business graduate.
  • School owner since 1973.
  • Coached most of the leaders in the business industry.
  • Had a school with 1300 students.
  • A chain of 5 schools.
  • Developed one of the first rotating curriculum.
  • And children’s curriculum.  

He continues to work with selected clients one an one as well as teach martial arts business classes weekly online.

An Interview
with John Worley 

John Worley of National Karate

John Worley is a mentor John Graden and a martial arts business pioneer.

John Worley's Story

Contracts, Time, Tuition and the Competition

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Who is John Worley?

Co-Founder–National Karate

Quality Students + Professional Operations = Long Term Success

  • 40+ years of running successful schools.
  • Currently has 38 Schools in is organization.
  • Has produced some of the nation’s top black belts.

In part one of this multi-part interview, John discusses time management for the school owner, dealing with competition, how much to charge, using contracts, how much a school should gross.

An Interview
with Jennifer Urmston 

Jennifer Urmston of Sports & Fitness Corporation

Jennifer Urmston Lowe National Account Manager with Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation (SFIC).

Your Liability for Sexual Related Charges

What Coverage Does the Average School Need?

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An Interview
with Tony Robbins 

John Graden and Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins aka Anthony Robbins.

Interviewed by John Graden

John Graden Interview
Millionaire Author Club 

Steve Harrison Interviews John Graden