Law of self defense for martial artists

Video: The Law of Self-Defense

Learn the legal ramifications of self-defense both as an instructor and a martial arts expert citizen.

John Graden interviews Self-Defense Attorney Andrew Branca, author of The Law of Self Defense.

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Will Martial Arts Experience Help or Hinder My Claim of Self-Defense in Court?

The Law of Self-Defense Interviews.

John Graden with Self-Defense Attorney, Andrew Branca from


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"A must read for martial arts instructors." - John Graden

law of self defense for black belts

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Read This True Story and then Take the Quiz to the Right

Here is a true story about a self-defense case. I’ll share the story to you and then present some questions regarding the outcome. I also have two other self-defense related questions that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

This will also give you a look at how our Certification exams work.

The Story
Alan Smith and his fiancee stop at a Circle K. While she went in to get snacks, an SUV with four teens pulls up next to Alan’s driver side, where he is was sitting. They are playing music really loud. Alan asks them to turn it down.

One of the teens points a shotgun like object at him and threatens to kill him. Alan pulls out his pistol and shoots the teen. The teen dies on the scene.

The SUV reverses out of the parking space as Alan pulls off four more rounds that only hit the back door. As the SUV turned to race away, Alan kneels in the parking lot and fires three more shots. Two hit the bumper, and one flies through the SUV.

Was this self-defense? Take the quiz to the right and find out.

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