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Your high profile role is as an instructor-in-training. However, often the more critical but less measurable and certainly lower profile role is as a mentor / liaison for the students.

Often students are more at ease talking to a Leadership Team member than a high ranking Black Belt. Cultivate that rapport into relationships of trust and caring. You may have no idea how powerful your simple, “Hello. Nice to see you,” comment is to a student.

People do not get praised enough in our world. In most cases, the last time someone heard any applause was at their high school graduation!

Here is a chance for you to really make a difference in someone’s life. By helping them to feel more comfortable at this school we, as a team, have a much better chance of getting them to believe in their potential. If we can get that belief we can get the person to Black Belt! It’s worked with us and with your help, it will work with others!