Level Four – Belt Exam

Prior to the Exam

Parents turn in  Intent to Promote form with a check mark in the box: “Yes, my child is behaving at home and at school in a way that I feel qualifies them to test for their next belt rank.”

Students arrive to the exam in clean and pressed uniforms with their belts tied properly and school patches in place. Students also have gym-bags containing their personal items such as clothes and shoes, water bottles, all protective and safety gear required for sparring and any other materials instructor requires for their participation in regular classes.

The Exam Requirements

For the Level #4 belt exam, a child is expected to be familiar and accomplished in all of the activities contained in and associated with sparring. This includes the use and storage of all safety gear, the etiquette of good sportsmanship involved in sparring practice and contests, and the rules and regulations of sparring as designated by the school’s master instructor.

The test begins with the standard line-up, but with the students carrying their gym-bags containing all of their required sparring safety gear.

After bow in, the instructor, stopwatch in hand, times the students while they open the bags and put on their gear.

All students must be able to put on –and later remove –their sparring gear in three minutes or less. The test might proceed with the students pairing up and demonstrating some of the school’s required sparring exercises, such as “one-for-one” or two-for-two” sparring, or one-step attacks.

The remainder of the test focuses primarily on sparring matches between the students and the instructors and the students. During the exam an instructor might “highlight” two or more pairs of testers for sparring by having everyone else sit on the sidelines and watch.

After each student has had at least two sparring sessions and then removed their pads, the master instructor would take a few moments to highlight some of the good sportsmanship he or she observed during the matches.

Student’s would be called upon to relate what they’ve learned from sparring about self-control and management of resources.

Approximate Test Timeline:

2 Minutes Students Line up and bow in.

5 Minutes Students “pad up” and pair up.

5 Minutes Sparring Drills

10 Minutes Sparring

5 Minutes Wrap-up.

Total time: 27 Minutes.