Level One – Motivation

We approach this level of instruction armed with the knowledge that if we can make a significant, positive impact on a child’s home and school behavior as a result of what we’re teaching in our classrooms.

This greatly enhances the perceived value of our program. 

These ideas aren’t testing requirements but learning concepts that are reviewed on a daily or weekly basis.

Motivational Education List, Level #1

Attention and bow are the two most important techniques of the martial arts. Concentration and focus coupled with self-discipline are the power tools of learning. Add to that respect for self and others and you have the groundwork for a positive, centered human being.

The 100 –Time Theory

How many times does one try something before giving up? What if everyone was willing to try 100 times! What a world we’d have. Unfortunately, most people will quit after just a few attempts. The 100-Time Theory is taught to combat one of the most significant obstacles to success.

“You can always do better than you think you can.”

Young students memorize this phrase as a small step towards developing a foundation for belief in one’s potential.

To supplement a student’s martial art education, a New Student Checklist can be developed to facilitate instructors in teaching all the particulars of being a member of the school.


  • New Student Checklist
  • Where to put gym bags & shoes
  • How to fold your uniform
  • How to address instructors & seniors
  • How & when to yell
  • How to prepare for testing
  • The how and when of testing
  • How to make up missed classes
  • How to make a proper fist