Level Three – Belt Exam

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Prior to the Exam

Parents turn in Intent to Promote forms.

Students arrive to the exam in clean and pressed uniforms with their belts tied properly and school patches in place. Students also have gym-bags containing their personal items such as clothes and shoes, water bottles and any materials instructor requires for their participation in regular classes.

The Exam Requirements

For Pad Power, Air Force and Padded Weapons the subjects are hitting the bags, mitts and paddles, doing jump kicks and using the padded weapons. For the test, the padded weapons could easily be omitted, as the bag work and jump kicks offer plenty of material for the students to perform.

The spirit if this exam is teamwork. The children should know exactly how to hold the various pads and how to make the line drills work efficiently and dynamically. They should then be able to perform the required jump kicks as a class, with little or no direction from the instructors present at the exam.

The teacher asks one or more of the students to “spotlight” in front of the group the public speaking aspect of the curriculum (either the student creed or some other speech designated by the instructor).

Approximate Test Timeline

2 Minutes Students Line up and bow in.

10 Minutes Striking the bags, mitts and paddles in teams

7 Minutes Jump Kicks

5 Minutes Public Speaking

2 Minutes Wrap-up.

Total time: 26 Minutes.