Level Three – Techniques and Drills

Pad Work

How to hold the mitts, paddle and kicking shield

Basic kicks to paddles and shields

Kicking line drills

Combo #1 — to the mitts, adding roundhouse-kick

(Left, right, hook, elbow, bob & weave, 2 blocks, 2 body shots, roundhouse kick.)

How to hold the various pads used in martial arts training is skill unto itself.  Having a good pad holder increases the intensity and realism of a workout, and reduces the chances of injuries. Learning to do pad-kicking line drills is a lesson in training skills and teamwork. Combo #1, with an added roundhouse kick, polishes the skills the student has learned in levels 1 and 2.


Running Jump Front Kick

Running Jump Side Kick

Creative Combination Kicks (5-kick combos using known kicks, finishing with a double punch)

Children love to run, jump and kick. Creative kicking combinations allow students to exercise their personal creativity while practicing their basic kicks.

Self Defense Training

Students combine their skills and the use of the padded weapons to practice a new and more advance form of “scenario based” training.

  • Sport Weaponry Training
  • Basic Strikes
  • Basic Blocks

Martial Arts Philosophy

The Student Creed (a chance to address the issue of Public Speaking)

I Can Always do Better Than I Think I Can

“I can always do better than I think I can.” This philosophy is basic, but a vital one for children to know. Easily proven using a high kick and target, this concept is a great one to have your young students recite.

Independent Training

The concept of Independent Training is where a student is taught to train on his or her own, without direct supervision, while at the same time putting out maximum energy.