Drill-Listen and Hit

Equipment needed: X-Ray Sheets

Begin by explaining to the students that to have exceptional focus they need to focus with more than their eyes. To have great focus we must be able to listen to what others are saying.

Begin this drill by having your students in a guard stance. Instruct them to throw a back leg front kick each time they hear you shake a piece of striking film.

After the students have performed several repetitions change the technique to add a jab, cross, then a front kick. (You change the techniques when ever you wish.)

Next, have the students from line drills. As the students approach the end of the line they are to wait and focus on listening for the instructor to shake the striking film.

When they hear the film shake, instruct them to strike the film with a cross or reverse punch. Continue through the class and through the week to change the techniques the students are to respond to.