Martial Arts Benefits for Corporations

The following is a benefit sheet designed to assist martial arts instructors in creating corporate fitness programs.

  • Stress relief

            Employees tell us that coming to martial arts class is like going on a mini-vacation. They say that, not only is the workout stress relieving, but getting to take out the day’s frustrations by actually hitting a big, padded target is “better than therapy.”

  • Fitness + Energy = Lower Health Costs and Higher Productivity

            Corporations around the country are recognizing the importance of supporting and encouraging their employees to engage in martial arts. With a healthier employee base, the corporation enjoys the benefits of lower insurance rates, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity.

  • Personal Safety

            Our instructors work hard to make sure the techniques taught in the martial arts program are effective and easy to learn following the principles of “Stun and Run.”

  • Confidence

            Nothing can take the place of knowing you can defend yourself if you ever really have to. martial arts provides the tools of self defense without the rituals of the martial arts school. Students learn to defend themselves while having fun and getting into great shape.

  • Increase Flexibility

            From the shipping dock worker to the sedentary computer operator, lack of flexibility leads to many back and neck strain injuries. Our martial arts program allows students to slowly and safely increase their flexibility, which decreases the chance of injury.

  • Increased Endurance

            Everyone wants more stamina and endurance. martial arts provides it. Increased endurance translates to increased productivity as employees are able to perform at their top levels for longer.

  • Increased Loyalty

            Employees appreciate companies that appreciate them. Providing a martial arts program is an excellent employee benefit that will return high dividends for your corporation.