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Sparring Skills-Counter Sweeps

This clip from my USA Karate TV show in the 1980s shows one of my all-time favorites counterattacks. These are super effective sweeps that are really easy to execute. Then we fast forward 30 years to a 2-on-1 drill in the COBRA-Defense Academy.

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Using Text to Increase Enrollments in Your Martial Arts School

Texting is instant and is opened 97% of the time, so it’s a real-time communication that helps to confirm to the parents that they made the right decision to choose your program.

Texts work great and MATA/Empower Kickboxing members have a free dedicated SMS marketing platform in their account that allows them to text up to 100 people a month for free.

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How To Pose For Martial Arts Images

How To Pose For Martial Arts Images

How To Get The Best Images For Your Martial Arts School I was in Munich at the WAKO World Championships in 1987 as a coach and official. I had a slide from a photoshoot I just did. I showed it to the publisher of Banzai magazine from Italy. He said, "If you let me use...

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How to Run Successful Martial Arts Summer Camp

How to Run Successful Martial Arts Summer Camp

Martial Arts Summer Camp Success with Jim King Jim King has been hosting some of the most successful martial arts summer camps in the USA for decades. He is a systems driven owner and he shares his system for summer camps in this exclusive interview.

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The Most Neglected Move in Martial Arts

The Most Neglected Move in Martial Arts

This Video Exposes One Of The Major Gaps Kata Creates In Striking In The Ring Or In The Street.When teaching martial arts students sparring, it's critical to understand the habits you're creating. When virtually every technique of traditional kata contradicts...

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MATA Certification Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I’ve been in business now 10 years and I WISH I would have known about this when I started. As an instructor, I am always looking for ways to become a better version of myself and this course really helped. Very informative and everything that the course covers is absolutely needed if you plan on running a successful martial arts school. Way to go team!

John Henderson

Guardians Circle Elite Defense Institute

I am actively engaging my change-over from a style based school to an Empower Kickboxing school. I love your quote above, “We’re more focused on skill improvement rather than skill memorization.”

To me it embodies more about the martial arts…it is more like coaching my wrestlers over their high school careers and seeing them improve their skill sets over time – just makes more sense!

Again – thank you (for waking me up to this concept)! Love the material that is included in the Empower Kickboxing curriculum and I am using it daily.

Brock Brown

Brown's Karate Studio Angleton, TX

Thank you, sir. It is a great training program that every instructor should take to learn the latest and best practices for effective martial arts instruction.

Bryan Bagnas

San Diego County - Government

An outstanding course that covers material across the board for anyone from a brand-new black belt to an experienced instructor for any style of martial art. Lessons are informative and easily broken down for different learning styles. I’ll complete it again in a year or so to stay current.

F. Mac McNeil

This is an amazing course. whether you’ve taught for years or just starting to assist this is for you. This in-depth course provides great research and insight into both the teaching and business side of this industry.

Kevin Baker