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It’s time for a website that works as hard as you do to grow your martial arts school. Avoid the trap of stock websites with our custom, branded site that is unique to your school.

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Clarity on the Process

Your initial impression and interaction with potential students is critical and should not be left to chance.

Rather than, “Please join our school” we suggest, “Here’s how it works. All new students go through our introductory course. It’s ‘this long’ and gives you a chance to check our school out and gives us a chance to make sure you’re a good fit for our program. The next two classes are Monday at 4 or Tuesday at 5. Which would you prefer?”

free martial arts trial course for kids and families

Potential students can enroll at anytime on your website.

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Peak Interest Timing

From a FREE trial course to a paid program, we give your visitors the opportunity to enroll on your website.

The timing of this is important. A visitor to your site who has spent enough time to watch a few videos explaining how you do things is in a peak mental state of interest.

It could be anytime of the day or night. You don’t want to risk them leaving the site without taking action. They may forget you the next day.

Practice Makes Permanent

Train in Class. Practice at Home.

Our martial arts program for kids includes video based-based practice sessions so kids can train at home on the days they don’t come to class.

Practicing these moves at home is an excellent way to reinforce what they are learning in class.

It also teaches self-discipline because these at-home practice sessions only work if the child does them.

Potential students can enroll at anytime on your website.


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“After 40+ years of helping martial artists grow their schools,  I’ve learned what works. I’ve also earned 100% of my income from my websites since 2003, so I know what works online.

And believe it or not, it’s never about being everywhere online — it’s about simplifying and clarifying your message.

Today, it’s about automation. That’s why I teamed up with (GMS). They make it easy for you to stay focused on teaching great classes while filling those classes with students.”

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