Information on Insurance for a Martial Arts School

4 Reasons Why the SFIC/MATA Program Can’t Be Beat

The Best Rates and the Best Coverage.

Any training accident or disgruntled student can turn into a lawsuit when you least expect it. Get the liability coverage you need from a company that’s been protecting professionals like you for the last 30 years.

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You’re either overpaying or possibly under covered. Get a free quote today and due to your MATA membership – save $25.

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Licensed in all 50 States and Canada, the SFIC/MATA program offers you the best rates for your customized program.

Coverage Based on 30+ Years of Martial Arts Experience

Based on over 30 years in the Martial Arts industry, SFIC knows the best coverage for schools like yours.  Pay only for what you really need.

The Coverage You Need, At the Rates You Can Afford

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"Smart owners know that insurance is like self-defense for your school. You never know when you’re going to need it. But, when you do need insurance, nothing else will do."
– John Graden, Martial Arts Teachers’ Association

"We've been insuring martial arts clubs for over 30-years. We're proud to partner with John Graden and MATA. Like a 1 - 2 combo, MATA helps you grow your school and SFIC keeps you protected."
--Jennifer Urmston, Sports Fitness Insurance Corp (SFIC)

Professional Liability 

  • Protects your school from claims related to the instruction that you provide (or don’t provide) for your students.  Receive maximum protection for the primary service you deliver.
  • $2,000,000* Each Occurrence, Includes Professional Liability

Premises Liability

  • Protects you from claims resulting from your school rather than your actions or inactions.  These can be simple slip and fall to possibly more severe injuries resulting from use (or misuse) of equipment or participation in activities.
  • $4,000,000* General Aggregate

Products and Completed Operations

  • This coverage protects you from claims related to items you sell.  Many schools sell heavy bags, sparring gear, mats, and pads.
  • $4,000,000* Products & Completed Operations Limit

Personal Injury

  • Personal injury coverage protects you from claims of defamation – libel, slander, or inadvertent invasion of privacy.
  • $2,000,000* Personal Injury Limit

* Lower limits available for each

Advertising Injury

  • Providing coverage that protects you and your school from claims related to use or misuse of personal information or photos in verbal, print, or electronic media.
  • $2,000,000* Advertising Injury Limit

Abuse or Molestation

  • Protects and defends against allegations of sexual misconduct, be it verbal or physical.  Martial arts instructos can be especially vulnerable to this situation due to the physical nature of instruction.
  • $1,000,000* Abuse or Molesation Defense Cost – per occurrence

Limited Cyber Liability

  • Provides Personal and Advertising Injury coverage for incidents that result from an unauthorized person hacking into your computer network or website.

Medical Payments

  • Reimburses a third party, such as a hospital or doctor for medical expenses (up to $10,000) incurred due to bodily injury, including athletic participants.
  • This is voluntary, no-fault coverage to pay medical bills.
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When you click on the link your email message will be sent to Cathy Young Potter at 800.844.0536 Ext. 2250

and you’ll be taken to the SFIC Martial Arts Insurance Page. Thanks for your interest.

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Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need insurance for the instructors at my studio, do you offer that as well?
A: Yes! If you own the studio, we have plans that cover you (the studio owner), your direct employees, and all of the students training in your studio - but it does not cover an independent contractor for their own individual professional liability. Keep in mind that you can also save your trainers/instructors lots of money by referring them to MATA to receive their professional liability insurance as well.

Q: I'm already an MATA member, how do I get insurance? 
A: Great! Email us and we'll connect you with an SFIC agent to handle all your insurance needs and apply the MATA member discounts.

Q: How do I renew my insurance?
A: Your dedicated SFIC agent will reach out to you prior to your renewal date to handle your renewal quickly and professionally.