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Here Are Two Tough Questions

  • q-icon1. How many grandmasters are dead broke?

    God bless them, but the sad reality is that despite being in business for 30, 40, 50+ years, way too many grandmasters are in no better shape financially than the 21-year old rookie black belt who opens a school across the street from them.

    Of course, they have done good work. They have helped many families through the decades. But, that’s the danger of the “Higher Purpose” response that many black belts fall back as an excuse. 

    What about their own family?

  • q-icon2. Do you want to be one of them?

    After 22 years of working with thousands of martial arts school owners, one thing is crystal clear—most owners fall into bad business habits that they repeat month-after-month. Those months add up to years and then decades.

    While their friends in other professions are getting ready for retirement, these guys can only dream of it. 

    The schools they have built are dependent on them working long hours with no real freedom, and with no defined exit strategy.

Mr. Rob Kructhen

“I recently have been going through the biggest transition of my martial arts career. I am grateful I had Mr. Graden as my coach. He challenged my perspective and provided with me with direction and advice that could only come from someone with decades of experience. It’s a clear case of, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ If I were to measure the bottom line result of his help, it would be in the six-figures. If you get a chance to work with him, jump on it.”

Mr. Rob Kructhen, East Side Martial Arts

As seen on...

In order to build a thriving Level Three school you need access to work with someone whose done it himself. After all, how can someone take you to a place they themselves have never been?

What we've found is that most school owners are good students. They enjoy getting direction and executing.

What most owners struggle with is figuring out what to do each day. That's why this program was created. Here is your chance to get back in the student saddle again, but this time your goal is Level 3, not just black belt.

sand-bury-your-head-in-the-sandYou Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Reality...

  • Excuse: "I don't have time."

    We all have all of the time there is. Yes, you may have a day job or a family issue that prevents you from devoting as much time to this as you’d like. Either way, Mr. Graden will keep you on track with what needs to be done so that you are getting better results from the same amount of time.[no_toc]

  • Reality 1: You are watering your street

    Did you ever see water sprinklers that are going full blast but missing the yard and watering the street? That is what most school owners do all day long.  Instead of doing what will help their yard grow, they water the street.

    In most cases, it’s a matter of not knowing what to do or how to do it. That ends with this program.

  • Reality 2: You are gorging on comfort snacks

    Your day is spent in 10 – 15 minute time slices that provide no “nutritional value” for your school. If time were like food, rather than eating healthy, you’re eating quick, satisfying comfort food that stunts your school’s growth.

    Great example: checking email all day long. You’re looking for something in the email to give you a snack that will make you feel like you are working for 10 minutes as you deal with it.

  • Reality 3: You're unclear as to what to do

    There is no shortage of advice. There is a shortage of focus. By following and focusing on one system and being held accountable for it, it becomes much easier to focus and move out of the Level 1 or 2 towards a Level 3 school.

Here is how we're going to work together step-by-step without adding to your workload or time demands.

  • 1. Strategic Planning, Prioritizing, and Sequencing

    Each quarter we’ll work with you to make sure you have a clear, written, specific one-page plan of action to follow for maximum results.[no_toc]

  • 2. Accountability to Get Results Through Focused Action

    Now that you have your written quarterly action plan, we’ll work with you weekly and bi-weekly to make sure you’re staying on track and getting the results you want.

  • 3. Video and Audio Feedback and Training

    You video your and/or your staff teaching and we’ll provide feedback on how to improve the presentation and effectiveness of the teaching. See an example.

    Teaching Feedback Example from John Graden on Vimeo.

checkmark1 We will randomly shop your school and record the conversations for review and training.

How are you handling the telephone? You're about to find out. We'll call your school to inquire about lessons, ask some questions and record the entire conversation.

We'll review the conversation with you to plug holes and help you get a handle on what is really going on with these calls. This is ideal for staff training.

The calls will be stored in your private file so only you have access to them.

checkmark1We will conduct  recorded role plays for phone calls, enrollments, and upgrades.*

You'll have bi-weekly phone sessions with Mr. Graden. Many of these will be training sessions with role plays to help you fine tune your presentations.

checkmark1Every other week, you will have a 45-minute recorded phone or Skype session with Mr. Graden to review and plan.

These bi-weekly sessions can be used for staff training as well. For instance, you might want Mr. Graden to train a staff member on how to answer the phone or conduct an enrollment conference.

All calls will be recorded and stored to build a library of reference for you.

checkmark1We will create a crystal clear Action Plan on one sheet of paper that will tell you what do you each day.

We want you to be focused and driven but not overwhelmed. That's why we'll break down each quarter and detailed your plan of action in one simple page for easy reference.



What Other Martial Arts Leaders Say...

“With over 200 locations instructors and 25,000 students, we pride ourselves on bringing in the best speakers and trainers from around the world. John Graden has consistently been rated as the hands down favorite trainer by our organization here in the UK. He not only delivers, but he clearly walks the talk. We look forward to having him back.”

Matt Fiddes
Matt Fiddes Matt Fiddes Martial Arts LTD, Devon, UK

No one has introduced more innovation or provided stronger leadership than John Graden. His reputation stands above all others in the field of training and speaking in the martial arts world.

Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis Joe Lewis Fighting Systems

“John Graden is in the upper echelon of professional trainers and speakers. When he speaks, our clients listen and more importantly, they take action. We have brought him back over and over again and he never fails to deliver a fresh, funny and invigorating presentation.”

Joe Galea
Joe Galea Member Solutions

John Graden is the guy I turned to when I need help with my school. From top to bottom, he knows this business inside and out.

Frank Shamrock
Frank Shamrock Frank Shamrock, LLC

Month-to-Month. No Contracts.

To be clear. Getting you to Level 3 is not going to happen in a month. It may not happen for a year. What we are offering is a pathway, help, and the accountability that will jumpstart your accession and keep you on track all of the way.

We will be a source of comfort and assurance on your journey, not a source of stress. That's why we do not require any contracts.

We do require commitment though. Your commitment to do what you say you are going to do. That's the beauty of the accountability system.

Here is how it works

John Graden Weekly Coaching Includes:

  • Weekly private, 30-minute, one-to-one coaching sessions via Skype or phone
  • Customized audio and video training for your team
  • Full MATA Membership
  • Optional participation in live workshops and strategic planning intensives
  • No additional charge for team training

$495.99 per month.

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John Graden Monthly Coaching Includes:

  • Monthly private, 45-minute, one-to-one coaching sessions via Skype or phone
  • Customized audio and video training for your team
  • Full MATA Membership
  • Optional participation in live workshops and strategic planning intensives
  • No additional charge for team training

$149.99 per month.

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