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John Graden
Executive Director
Martial Arts Teachers’ Association
If you care more about Back Kicks than Back Links, read on.

The world of online marketing is more confusing than a tournament rules meeting. Most instructors want a great website, but HTML, SEO, and CSS make their eyes glaze over.

I’ve been helping owners with online marketing since 2003. Our sites and consulting give instructors the perfect balance between “old school” and “online school.”


  1. We are the most service focused web company for your school. We typically respond within hours, not days.
  2. We are the best value for your school. When you get a website with MATA, you also get MATA-Pro membership.
  3. We understand the financial pressures of running a school and always work to find a way to give you more for a lower price point than anyone else.

More Than a Superior Website

All of Our Website Include the Following Great Features

Custom Website Design

Mobile Ready Website Design

Directory Listings Audit and Update

Content Written & Edited by Pros

Desktop Preview
Smart Phone Preview
Do you have setup fees or contracts?
No set up fees. We have to require a minimum of 12-months or we couldn’t keep the price so low.

How many pages and programs are included?

Our most popular design is one-page with different sections for each program you offer.

This way, the site only has to load once and everything is available without additional clicks and load time. This is really great for phones and tablets.

We also include a second page that describes your trial program and web offer. Typically, this would require a visitor to optin to capture their email in order to see the page, but that’s up to you.

Do you provide hosting?

MATA provides discounted domain name registration and hosting among many other services at

Can I use my own domain?

Absolutely! All websites have the option of using their own custom domain name. We also have an inventory of quality domain names that are over a decade old.

Is SEO Included?

Our sites are optimized for search, but that is not the same as SEO. We provide additional comprehensive SEO services we can customize for your school for an additional fee.

Do you provide auto-responders?

We will capture an email and send an automated response, but a series of emails to your prospect is an optional upgrade for you. The one-time fee is $99 for a six email sequence.

Can I include video?

The martial arts is so visual, it only makes sense to use video so we encourage you to provide us with pro-shot video. We can also help you get that video produced if you like.

Do you help with website changes once it's complete?

YES! All of our support emails and assistance with your website are completely free of charge. Changes will depend on the scope of the request. Adding a new page is not the same as changing an address.

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