The Martial Arts Teachers’ Certification Course

The MATA Certification Course
This is designed to provide martial arts instructors with universally recognized teaching methods. These modules were written by leading authorities in various fields such as Child Psychology and Motivation who are also black belts with years of martial arts experience.

100 Question Pre-Opening

This course walks you through some of the important questions and issues to be addressed if you want to become a professional martial arts school owner and instructor.

These are simple True / False answers. Ideally, you'd have 100% True, but no one ever does. The goal of this quiz is to bring your attention to the areas where you answer False and let you determine how important that is to you. In some cases, it's a simple strategy you may not have heard of before. In others, False is the correct answer because True is not really in your plans.

Good luck and enjoy. Be sure to share this with your friends.

Understanding Self-Defense Law

Have you ever heard the statement, "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried out by 6." Make sure it's not one that you teach your students. It is the height of ignorance. Ideally, you'd teach them how to avoid either circumstance.

This course is designed to help instructors gain further insight and understanding regarding the potential implications and ramifications arising from the self-defense strategies they teach.

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