The MATA Six-Month SEO Program

SEO is a complicated process full of geek speak and over-promises. That's why MATA has not offered a SEO plan since our launch in 2003. Finally, we have a program that we can offer with confidence. It's inexpensive and produces results.

There is no such thing as "overnight SEO domination." This plan works because it patiently builds upon itself.

First, we audit and clean your presence on the web. Next, we begin a series of strategic campaigns that will hit Citations, Video, Social Media, Reputation, Press Releases, and Building Authority on the web.

By spreading this over six-months, it grows organically rather than overnight. This gives the progress more authority in the digital eyes of Google and other search engines.

All of these services and more are also available ala' carte. Just drop me a note at [email protected] or call 866-997-0656.

MATA SEO Month One–Assessing Your Situation

Citation and Website Audit

We start with audits of your current listings and website so that you have a foundation to start.

Video: Citation Cleanup and Website Audit

Big Citations

We'll submit your listings to the core data aggregators along with a set of 25+ authority citation sites.

Big Citations

MATA SEO Month Two–Four-Stage Social Media Land Grab

Four-Stage Social Media Land Grab

Social Foundations is a social media real estate land grab in four stages. We’ll start with the most authoritative list known as the Essentials List. This gives us the necessary set-up for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others for a total of 50 high-ranking sites total.

Our goal is to get you multiple front page spots in Google and for you to own your keywords on social media.

Social Foundations: 4-Stage Land Grab

We will spread the Social Foundations out over four months to make it more organic and not overnight. We’ll grab the profiles for important keywords or brand names before your competition does. It also builds a foundation for Reputation Management.

MATA SEO Month Three–Major Local Citations

Authority Local Citations

We will also continue building out Major Local Citations (We average about 40 a month until they're all done).

Hyper Local Citations

Social Foundations 2: The Content Kings

The Content Kings are the 50 biggest and most popular content sharing sites on the web. They live off user generated content and are the easiest to get links from.

We will submit an article on your school to each with a resource box with all of your listing information.

MATA SEO Month Four–Initiate Media Focus

Press Release Marketing

Press Release Marketing

MATA offers web based distribution services that help our members get the widest coverage for their press releases on more than 500 news-based websites, and on over 100 Facebook and Twitter accounts each that are news-specific. 

We target top news websites locally, and nationally. We also help you to create a powerful presence on the most happening news websites.

Authority Building Citation Sites

Social Foundations 3: The Underdogs

This Social Foundation stage targets 50 sites you probably never heard of. However, they are high ranking authority sites that will boost your rankings.

MATA SEO Month Five–Multi-Media Production

Multi-Media Citations

This is a powerful 3-in-1 service that delivers a custom video, local link building, and citations on rich media video, image, and audio sites. 

We’ll write, produce, and voiceover a cool video on your school. Then we'll distribute it to video, image and audio sites.

Multi-Media Citation Blast

MATA SEO Month Six–Major Authority Citations

Social Media Land Grab 4

Social Foundations 4: The Big Bertha list

The final stage of our Social Media Land Grab is the Big Bertha list. Big Bertha is a mix of 100 sites designed to anchor in the work we’ve done so far. Think of it as the cherry on top.


By now, you should have some fantastic rankings. From building a diverse set of links and citations over a six month period, your monthly reports should show a nice progression of improved rankings. For this month and the months beyond it's really about filling in the blanks:

  • Have you completed all of your Social Foundation lists?
  • Have you exhausted all your options for Authority Builders?
  • Are all possible citations done?

We’ll work with you to see what still needs to be done and what options you have to move to a maintenance program and/or ala carte these and other services.

Citation and Website Audit and Cleanup
Big Citations Building
Hyper-Local Citation Building and Cleanup
4-Stage Social Foundations
Press Release Marketing
Multi-Media Citations