SEO is a complicated process full of geek speak and over-promises. That's why MATA has not offered a SEO plan since our launch in 2003. Finally, we have a program that we can offer with confidence. It's inexpensive and produces results.

There is no such thing as "overnight SEO domination." The MATA SEO plan works because it patiently builds upon itself.

First, we audit and clean your presence on the web. Next, we begin a series of strategic campaigns that will hit Social Media, Directory Listings, Video Production and Marketing, Reputation, Press Releases, Article Writing, and Building Authority on the web.

By spreading this over 6 - 12 months it grows organically rather than overnight. This gives the progress more authority in the digital eyes of Google and other search engines. We then continue to capitalize on the foundation we've built for your website year-round.

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Actual Client Social Foundations Report

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Actual Client Authority Listings Report

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Here is Some of What We'll Do For You in the First Six-Months

We could go all techie on you describing what we'll do for you. Odds are, you don't care.
You just want more students. So, here is an overview, not a detailed list.


By now, you should have some fantastic rankings. From building a diverse set of links and citations over a six month period, your monthly reports should show a nice progression of improved rankings. For this month and the months beyond it's really about filling in the blanks:

  • Have you completed all of your Social Foundation lists?
  • Have you exhausted all your options for Authority Builders?
  • Are all possible citations done?

We’ll work with you to see what still needs to be done and what options you have to move to a maintenance program and/or ala carte these and other services.

Directory Listings Audit and Cleanup
Website Audit and Cleanup
Authority Listings Created
Local Citation Cleanup
Local Citation Building
Establish Presence on 50 High-Ranking Social Sites
Multi-Media Citations
Ongoing Optimization
Press Release Marketing
Establish Presence on 50 Biggest Content Sharing Sites
Four-Stage Social Foundations
50 Sites You Probably Never Heard Of
Write, Produce & Voiceover Cool Video on Your School
100 Authority Sites To Anchor In The Work We’ve Done

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