Match the School with the Location 

For a hard-core kickboxing gym, it would not make sense to rent a space in the middle of a neighborhood of kids and elementary schools.

Conversely, for a family-oriented martial arts program with an emphasis on children, you wouldn’t want to be in the downtown district. 

Match your school with the demographics of the area. Before signing a lease, learn as much as possible about tenant history and why the other operations failed or moved.

 Speak with the current tenants about their experience with the landlord and the area. What is the make-up of the typical customer?

Find out if any new building or road construction is planned that might affect your school’s growth. 

When researching a location, get demographic information on the area from your broker or the Chamber of Commerce. 

Know your Pull Radius and your Potential Ratio. Schools typically draw from a 15-minute driving radius, so start with that but don’t limit yourself. You need to know the demographics for your immediate area as well. 

The farther away the demographic group, the less potential they have as students. Make sure you are surrounded with the right potential student base. 

Finally, be sure the zoning in the area allows for a martial arts school. Know what limits you have on signage, parking, fire codes, etc.