Selling-Family Involvement Leads to Family Plans

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Family Involvement Leads to Family Plans


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Insisting that both parents are present also gives you a much better shot at a family add on. If you simply explain to Mom and Dad that it is best for the student if both parents take the class with Johnny and then tell them to take their shoes off and come on out, the majority of the time they will. Often, that will lead to an additional family member joining. It’s very hard for Dad to join if he’s at home sitting on the couch while Mom and Johnny are at “that karate shop.”

As you can see, the job of the person answering the phone and making the confirmation call and the personal interview on the first visit is to eliminate as many objections as possible in advance. By the time the student sits down to the enrollment conference, they should already have an idea about their commitment of time and money. All of this is covered in the introductory lesson’s discussion of how karate uses goal setting to achieve black belt.[/text_block]