Selling Martial Arts

The Importance of Good Questions and Listening

Using the Interview Record

The written word is powerful in communicating policies and procedures. This checklist of questions for a new student is helpful for both of you to insure communication is clear.

( ) No refunds

"There are no refunds for unused tuition so it's very important that Joey takes full advantage of the classes."

( ) Monthly payment amount and due date.

"Just to review, your tuition is $69 per month and it is due on the 5th of each month starting next month.   Tuition must be paid even if you are unable to attend class as long as you are a student of the school.  We do not freeze programs for vacation."

( ) Equipment needed

Short explanation of your gear requirements

( ) Sponsorship tradition

"One of the traditions of the martial arts is the process of giving back to the arts by bringing people into the school.  We would like to have a program where the only way you could join is to be referred in.  But for now, we simply rely on our students to help us grow by referring their friends in."

( ) Intent to promote form for children

"This will be distributed before each exam.  We teach the principles of Black Belt Excellence in our school which essentially is a high personal standard of conduct.  One way that we can inspect what we expect from  the children is with this form."  Show and explain form.

( ) Exam process

"Progress reviews take place in class each month on the third week of the month. Full uniform is required and attendance is mandatory.  We like to see the family really supportive of these exams.  They are designed to be little mini-victories for the students, so make plans to celebrate the victory with your child."

( ) Goal is to qualify for National Black Belt Club

"Your program is an entry level trial program.  It's really designed so we get a chance to evaluate your child for advance training.  In about three month's your child will enter the Black Belt update phase of his training.  With good attendance and a strong attitude he should qualify for the Black Belt Club. We'll keep you posted on his progress and let you know when we get to that point. "