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Quiz for Martial Arts Instructors
Question #1: 1. My instructor training includes the 5 elements of self-defense law.
The claim of self-defense has to meet strict legal thresholds. Do you know what they are?
Question #2: 2. My instructor training taught me the difference between discipline and punishment.
"Drop and hit me 20 pushups!" How many times have you heard that?
Question #3: 3. My instructor training includes language patterns for effectively communicate to different age groups.
The study of martial arts involves thinking, physical conditioning, emotional involvement, and an examination of moral character.
Question #4: 4. My instructor training includes how set and maintain a standard of conduct.
An atmosphere of discipline is central to the successful functioning of the martial arts school. The school is an environment with a structure and clear rules of conduct.
Question #5: 5. My instructor training includes the principles of praise, discipline, and class control.
A mixture of praise, discipline, and class control is essential to a well run school and the quality of the experience for both students and instructors.
Question #6: 6. My instructor training includes teaching Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
ADHD is characterized by inattention, difficulty concentrating, and for some children, hyperactivity.
Question #7: 7. My instructor training includes the Three Stages of Learning.
As a teacher it helps to understand how students learn.