Motivating Your Staff

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Money is always a nice incentive.   For some folks, however, money isn’t the main reason that they teach the martial arts.   Therefore, while they enjoy the extra monetary bonuses, they are often motivated more by intangibles that cost you little or nothing.

Comp Time

For instance, martial arts professionals are known for working long hours.   Occasionally, the best reward a staff member can receive is some time off – or comp time.  

No matter how you much you love your work, we can all appreciate the feeling that you get when you leave work knowing that you don’t have to come back for three or four days.

Using Time Off As A Motivator

Using time off as a motivator is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.   You simply set a goal for your instructors to meet.  

The goal that must be met can include reaching a specific number of sign ups, or attaining a specified income level by a certain time.

Once they meet that goal within the specified amount of time they’ll receive an extended weekend.   This works particularly well around a holiday weekend.

Another incentive is to offer a week of paid vacation once your particular goal has been met.   To sweeten the deal, you can book a cruise, or a weekend for the lucky instructor at an exclusive resort.

Accommodating Time Off Requests

Occasionally, there may be a special event or get-together that an instructor would like to attend.  

A great way to motivate your instructors to give their best when they’re at work, is to make every effort to accommodate their time off requests – provided they give you a reasonable amount of advance notice.

Let Your Instructors Choose Their Own Schedule

As a way to reward excellent performance from an instructor, you can let him select the classes that he prefers to teach.

Spontaneous Comp Time

We’ve all had those days when there’s somewhere – besides work – that we’d rather be.   Perhaps we’re feeling well, or maybe it’s just a beautiful day and we’d rather be outside enjoying the weather in some fashion.

Regardless, few things are nicer than your boss walking up to you and telling you to take the rest of the day off – particularly when you least expect it.  

This is a great way to score big with your staff.