You have to convince me that you are deeply interested in my future. Otherwise, why am I hanging around here? What am I doing? You have to let me know that I am either going to grow within the company or if and when the time comes that I’m ready to go out on my own, that you’re going to help me. I would be very grateful for that and appreciative and you’ve got to let know. You’ve got to be prepared to do it. You may want to promote me within the school. You may want to open a branch school and that’s something I can look forward to. It may be that you’re not going to do any of those things but at least when the time comes that I want to go out on my own, you’re going to help me every way that you can. By the way, it’s a feather in your cap if you do that. I may want to go into another industry. If so, you’re going to help me in any way that you can to get going in the other industry.   Never separate on a sour note. You make it your business. I don’t care how hard you have to swallow and, for Pete’s sake, don’t go through this “after all I’ve done for him and after all I’ve taught him…”. Don’t let it come to that point. You be gracious and you be magnanimous and you help that person get going because anything that you have taught him or given him in the past, believe me, makes you a better person. The point is that you have to do these five little basic mechanical things to help me get going. You have to remember something now about staff. Little minds talk about things. Average minds talk about other people. Great minds talk about ideas. Now you’re the director. You’re the leader. You should get your thinking so sharp, that you and your staff are talking about ideas. Also, I don’t know if you’re going to like this or not but a great leader serves his personnel.   Often times, they have to serve us. It doesn’t work that way. You are serving them. You are helping them. You are teaching them. You are developing them.   You are showing them how to be more successful. That’s service and that’s exactly what you should do.

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