Nick Cokinos–Step One

You have to serve as a good example. You have to be a role model. You can’t be a slob, you can’t be late, you can’t be smoking or drinking, you can’t be dishonest. You can’t on the phone say to your creditors “I’m going to send the check” and you don’t send the check. You cannot tell little fibs. You can’t present your programs with any ambiguity.

You have to be a genuine role model. That means mentally and physically. You have to be fit. You have to keep yourself in great shape. You have to be looking good. You have to act right. You need to think right. You have to be a good role model. If you’re not that, you got two and a half strikes against you. So, do a little checking up. Look within yourself. Find out what kind of model you are. So, that’s step number one.

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