Opening Up Procedures

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After you turn off the alarm system, make the school look open. Unlock the doors. Make sure that the open sign and the look of the school says open. Turn on the lights. Open the window blinds. Make sure people know that you’re open for business.

Check cleanliness of office. When you open, make sure the office looks like it’s ready for business. Anything left out from the night before, attendance cards, enrollment applications, pieces of information or mail, should all be properly stored so the office presents a clean, business like atmosphere.

Make sure that the floor, especially in front of the main door and office, is clean of everything. If necessary, sweep the main entrance. We have one chance to make a good first impression, so make a good first impression. Cleanliness counts!

Turn on computer and fax machine. The computer is central for gathering information and sending out information to the students. It is our great communication device. In order for it to work, it must be on. Open the computer to the Martial Arts America Program ‑ See administration

Check voice mail messages. ‑ While the computer is warming up, check the voice mail messages. Is anyone sick? We need to send them a get well card. Does someone need information? We need to call them with that information. When listening to the voice mail messages use the message information gathering form to:

1. Note caller

2. Note return phone number (if applicable)

3. Note message (see administration, messages forms and log)

4. Return all phone inquires (see returning phone inquiries, sales)