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“On his path of inspiration, motivation, and unparalleled success, John Graden has had a profound impact on the manner in which thousands of martial arts are operated worldwide.” — Martial Arts World magazine


Black belts working hard to create a great living for their families so they can focus on their passion for changing lives through their schools.

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Learn how to become the school people think of and talk about when “martial arts” are mentioned in your town or area.

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“MATA is a professional and quality organization. I wanted my Instructors and myself to be certified by the best.”

— Sidney Burns, Blue Ridge Martial Arts

“I am continually looking for ways to improve my teaching knowledge and the MATA instructor’s Certification is one of the finest and most updated courses an instructor can take.


I was impressed by the honesty of the content and detailed explanations of the various issues surrounding the teaching of Martial Arts these days.

   Sidney Burns, Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy



How to Work with the Media

How to Become the Martial Arts Media Star in Your Area As a martial arts school owner, I made it a point to be the most expensive school in the area. In order to make that happen, obviously, my classes had to be really good.  The other element was that I was...

2020 State of the Martial Arts School Business

Each year for our annual martial arts business report, we look at the number of martial arts schools in the USA based upon the following NAICS categories: 61162013 – Karate Judo Jiu-Jitsu & Kung Fu Instruction 61162014- Martial Arts Instruction The Internal...

Stop Rescuing Your Students!

Stop Rescuing Your Students!

Martial Arts Teachers' Association (MATA) Instructor Certification  Module 1-Lesson 4 This video lesson from the MATA Instructor Certification course touches on two important areas. 1. The difference between asking a question of the class and asking a question of a...

What is Empower Kickboxing?

What is Empower Kickboxing?

Term OneClick the Button to See Class StructureYou're welcome to modify this as you wish. Minutes 1-10: Open / Self Defense (Short tips and quick escapes for modules 1-3. This segment may be different for kids than adults. 11 - 21 Warm-Up 12 minutes 30-seconds each...

A 30-Second Pitch for a Martial Arts School

If you were to produce a 30-second video promoting your school to your target market, what voice-over script would you write to create interest and help the viewer understand your school's unique benefits? This is your school's 30-second "elevator pitch" and every...

How to Answer Questions from Potential Students

How to Control the Conversation When a potential students asks you about your school, it's important to understand some basic communication tactics that will help you to gain and maintain control of the conversation. When you're asked a question, it's important that...

22. Your Choice. Compete in Kung Fu or Hustle Drugs?

Imagine being so desperate to escape the drug-infested inner-city of Baltimore, that you make up Kung Fu moves, string them together and then climb on a bus and travel around the country to compete in karate tournaments. That's...

22. Your Choice. Kung Fu or Hustle Drugs?

22. Your Choice. Kung Fu or Hustle Drugs?

Show 22 Notes The Truth About the Martial Arts Business book Black Belt Management book Who Killed Walt Bone? book   If you're enjoying this podcast please review, rate and share it with your friend list. 03:02 Bam's best friend is shot 3:40...

Are You Guilty of this Common Teaching Mistake?

Are You Guilty of this Common Teaching Mistake?

Break the Habit of Tagging This is a 2-minute video lesson from the Martial Arts Teacher's Association Instructors' Certification course. Have you ever spoken to someone or listen to a speaker that has a habit, a language pattern of finishing...

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