Since 1993, MATA has been the must-have membership for martial arts school owners. Get all the tools, connections, and answers you need to succeed.

The Martial Arts “Teacher of Teachers”

“On his path of inspiration, motivation, and unparalleled success, John Graden has had a profound impact on the manner in which thousands of martial arts are operated worldwide.” — Martial Arts World magazine


Black belts working hard to create a great living for their families so they can focus on their passion for changing lives through their schools.

Earn more income

Learn how to create the revenue that you deserve for your hard work and the life-long benefits you provide your students.

Enroll more students

We’ll show you the programs to offer to move a stranger to a student and a student to a black belt and staff instructors.

Become the "go to" school

Learn how to become the school people think of and talk about when “martial arts” are mentioned in your town or area.

Recent MATA Certification Graduates

The MATA Instructor Certification Program provides teachers an effective process
to create and maintain a productive classroom environment.

martial arts instructor certification student sidney burns

“MATA is a professional and quality organization. I wanted my Instructors and myself to be certified by the best.”

— Sidney Burns, Blue Ridge Martial Arts

“I am continually looking for ways to improve my teaching knowledge and the MATA instructor’s Certification is one of the finest and most updated courses an instructor can take.


I was impressed by the honesty of the content and detailed explanations of the various issues surrounding the teaching of Martial Arts these days.

   Sidney Burns, Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy



2 Ways to Teach Upper Elbow. Which Do You Like?

Do you think in the post COVID world, people are going to have the patience to spend 3 - 4 years to get competent at your martial arts style? Pre-COVID, we were already in an "everything I want is just 1-click away" world. This is a typically outdated and overly...

16. Tongue Fu-Martial Arts for the Mouth

This particular episode is for everyone, not just martial artists. If you use words to interact in your daily life, then you need to learn Tongue Fu. This a universal system for dealing with words from other people either face to face, online, or via gossip.

How to Answer the Phone in 2020

How to Answer and Follow up to Martial Arts School Phone Calls in 2020One of the best compliments I’ve received was when Joe Lewis said, “Whenever I call your school, it sounds like the most exciting place.” That was not by accident. That was the result of many hours...

17. How to Build a 6-Figure Self-Defense Business

The Free Power Class drives new student enrollmentsfor Joe Robaina of COBRA-Defense Miami.Find out more about COBRA-Defense at SelfDefenseBusiness.comJoe Robaina is a veteran martial artist with a wide range of skills and talent. But for the last few years, he has...

How to Teach an Anti-Bully Seminar in 2020

How to Teach an Anti-Bully Seminar in 2020

To learn how to teach an anti-bully seminar, go to my 23-minute webinar, How to Stop Bullying: A Parents Guide October is National Bullying Prevention Month If you are planning a bully seminar, please take the time to research the basis for what you are going to...

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