Early Summer Camp

Parents go to work but their kids are not going to school.

Though the economy is slowly reopening, parents face a real challenge because they are returning to work but have children that are not returning to school.

This leaves a supervision gap each day. Your school can fill that gap.

You can create and market an early Summer Camp to serve these families and inject some much-needed revenue into your school.

Summer Camps average $150 – $250 per WEEK per student.

Be very careful not to run the camp as a daycare unless you’re licensed as a daycare center. It’s a martial arts summer camp with two classes per day.

You can offer:

      • Martial Arts Training
      • Martial Arts Projects including action video scenes
      • Crazy Kicks, tricks, forms training, rubber weapons training 
      • Team-Building, including performance games, fun with instructors, and team battles, contests, and challenges.
      • Martial Arts Leadership Development, including public speaking and life skills.
      • Anti-Bully Training
      • Anti-Abduction Training
      • Free Time, including reading, art projects and, G-rated movies
      • Padded Weapons and sparring drills
      • Off-Site Field Trips such as swimming, movies, bowling, and more.

Because of social distancing, space will be limited, so provide an incentive discount of $50 for early enrollment.

For instance, Summer Camp Weekly Fee: $200. Save $50 and pay only $150 if you enroll in May.

MATA has an extensive Summer Camp training program.