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Moving Our Partners from Industry Information to Personal Influence

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“Our partnership with MATA has been great! Because of the interviews and content integration MATA employs with us, we’re positioned to influence with sound education and advice rather than just trying to sell policies. Thank you John Graden and MATA!"

Jennifer Urmston – Sports and Fitness Insurance Corporation

“Our partnership with John Graden and MATA is exactly what we were looking for. After a 14-years of working in the Crossfit™ and the Personal Trainer space, we were ready to expand into the martial arts. MATA has been the perfect fit for positioning TEN to be a partner with a school rather than just another vendor."

Jim Powers – The Ten Institute

Revenue Streams for Martial Arts Schools

MATA Moves Partners from Sources of Information to Leaders of Influence

Our goal in partnering with KickSite is to showcase one clear leader in the school management software category. There are many choices in the category. We like to narrow the process down by partnering with a select organization. We are starting with KickSite and will approach all of the upper-tier companies in the category until we find the right management software partner.

The Market

The martial arts school business has been in a retracted phase for the past five years. In 2013, there were over 20,000 schools in the USA. Today, that number is down to just over 15,000.

As the economy recovers, the martial arts school business is expected to recover as well. We will help KickSite get in front of that recovery. We feel the next five years present a rare opportunity for forward thinking organizations to position themselves for rapid growth.

How it Works

The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association will position KickSite as an important component to success in running a martial arts school.

We accomplish this by increasing the visibility and viability of KickSite to martial arts school owners. In short, we will work to make KickSite part of the recipe for martial arts school success.

How MATA and KickSite Will Work Together

Our current partners, Sports and Fitness Insurance, The Lease Coach, Ten Institute, Member Solutions and AFS maintain a presence on the site, in our content, and in our emails because we influence the market they want to reach.

Here is the Sports and Fitness Insurance page

How We Help You Connect with the Market


2. Our Content

3. Email List

4. Social Media

5. Webinars and Live Events


First established in 2003, The Martial Arts Teachers Association (MATA) has the market that matches the KickSIte client–the martial arts school owner.

2. Our Content

MATA creates and publishes content that is of great interest to martial arts school owners year-round. We work hard to position our partners as part of the conversation.

For instance, for articles about leasing and negotiation a lease, we will contact our partners at The Lease Coach for comment and / or live interviews to add their expertise.

Considering all of the areas of school operations that KickSite is involved in, there is potential for a strong position in our content for a wide variety of topics.

3. Our Email List

We have an email list of nearly 10,000 that we are in touch with weekly. This is a proactive list that enjoys a 15 - 25% open rate. People look forward to our emails because we provide excellent information that is often built around one of our partners.

For instance, over the holidays, we did an interview with SFIC rep Jennifer Urmston on the special liabilities that the holidays bring to a school and what steps owners can take to reduce those risks.

4. Social Media

With nearly 5,000 follows, our Facebook presence is firmly established in the martial arts school space. Like our emails, we provide more information and entertainment than selling for engagement.

How to Get Started

1. Terms and Agreement

The agreement is for $1,000 per month for 12-months. The agreement will auto-renew unless cancelled by either party within 60-days of termination. See the Agreement

2. Press Release

Once you come onboard as a MATA Partner, we will construct a multi-media press release targeting Google News. We will put KickSite at NUMBER ONE on Google News for our select keyword along with hundreds of major news outlets. All of these will drive high ranking backlinks to KickSite and provide KickSite with an exciting announcement to share with your current client and prospect list.

See a Partial List of Media Outlets

3. Audio Interview

We will record a series of initial interviews with a KickSite representative knowledgable on how to use the software to improve business.

4. KickSite Page

We will build a KickSite page with info about the product along with the audio interviews.

Sample Partner Page

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