People Who Bought This Also Bought That

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If there is one thing that the internet has taught us about selling, People Who Bought This Also Bought That. In sales this is known as a cross sell if the product purchased to go with the original item. If the new item purchased is a more expensive version of the original item, that is an up-sell.

While we are not in the hard sales business, it’s helpful to suggest to your students what products work well together and when they may want to consider a higher quality, more expensive option.

For instance, once a student has agreed to buy a set of sparring equipment it makes sense to suggest that he add a logo bag to carry it all in (for just an extra $25).

When a student buys a book, suggest a video that might go with it. If he buys a weapon you might suggest a book or a video to help with his mastery of that weapon. Look for opportunities to cross-sell, not just to make a bigger sale but to enhance a students training or enjoyment of another previously bought product.

Always be on the lookout for ways to cross-sell. When a student buys a new uniform ask him if wants another school patch. If he orders a stretching machine, suggest a video that complements his purchase.

Since most students keep the old uniform as a spare, the chances are he will say yes. You are providing him with a service and helping yourself at the same time.

For example:

Student: “Sir, can I order some nunchaku from you?”

Instructor: “Sure, do you know how to use them?”

Student: “No, not yet but I was hoping you could show me in one of my classes.”

Instructor: “Of course, I’d be glad to but they are not easy to learn. That’s why we only sell the padded chucks. There is an excellent book out called Learning Basic Nunchaku. It’s full of pictures and diagrams that make leaming them a little easier. I think it would be a great help to you.”

Student: “That sounds great! Could you get me a copy of that as well?”

Instructor: “Sure, if I order them tomorrow they will be in by Friday. Would you like to pay for them now?”

Student: “Sure.”

You just made $5 profit from the nunchaku and another $5 from the book that you suggested. You saved the student from having to find a book on his ow. He is genuinely grateful that you suggested it to help him learn in the first place.

Not only have you just created a win-win situation for yourself and one of your students, but you just made $ 10 profit in two minutes. Multiply that situation by a few encounters every day and your will be amazed at how your sales will grow.

Almost every product you sell has something that naturally goes with it. Plant the idea of buying the two things together in the student’s head and he usually will. When you do your ordering, order a pair of sai and a sai case. In your studio, sell them as one item, sai with case for X amount of dollars.

At Christmas time, buy some boxes with your logo printed on them to create gift sets. Sell the book and weapon together as a gift set. Sell the punches, kicks and sport bag as a set. Suggestive selling is a very powerful tool.

Remind your students that if they want a special item that you don’t stock you would be glad to get it for them. Despite our societies desire for instant gratification, students are understanding that special items may need a few days to order.

You can order anything in the catalog. The key for you is to make sure your are prompt with your orders and deliveries. Take a 50% deposit to order the product and collect the balance upon delivery.

Selling products works best when you spend a little time working out your system of up-sells, cross-sells and then determine what kind of ordering system you are going to offer.

For creating the catalogs, you might need some help from someone with a little design experience, but that is usually not hard to do. The internet has hundreds of sites devoted to providing low cost design work.

Most of all you have to create your system for sales and then make sure you deliver what you promise.