Law of Self Defense Book

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Even Vice President Joe Biden had exactly the wrong idea when he advised the public to “shoot through the door.” That’s a great way to end up in jail for a long time. Don’t make a huge mistake because your friends (or leaders!) give you bad advice. With this book you’ll be confident you know:

  • Not just the laws of every state, but how the courts have interpreted those laws.
  • The myths of self defense that many people believe but will get you in big trouble.
  • The hard-to-see “cliff edge” where people inadvertently lose the right to even claim they were defending themselves.
  • How to put a spotlight on gray areas of the law that, if left dark, leaves your future to the mercy of the judge.

Note: This book is NOT designed for people to find a way to behave criminally and get away with it. It shows you the right response to dangerous situations and what could happen if you make the wrong decisions, or worse, behave illegally. It is not a get-out-of-jail-free card.