Qualities of an Excellent Instructor

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When you’re finally ready to hire an assistant, there are some special qualities that your new instructor should possess.

“Jack Of All Trades”

One of the first steps to hiring a new assistant is to make them aware of their job description – which should include everything from mopping the floor to instructing the advanced sparring or forms class.  

A martial arts studio is no place for a prima donna.   Their ultimate responsibility will be to promote your studio and help it to grow.  

A Love For The Martial Arts

When someone has a passion for the martial arts – it shows.   In fact, it nearly oozes out of their pores.   People with such a passion will be willing to share their enthusiasm and love of the sport with others.

Enthusiasm and passion are contagious to those around them. In the interest of the success of your students and your studio, this is one of the most important traits that your new assistant must possess.

An Insatiable Desire To Continually Improve Their Skills

Martial arts require a person to continue to practice and improve upon their skills.   For some folks, once they’ve earned their black belt, they figure that their ultimate goal has been achieved and that there’s nothing left for them to learn.

This is just not the case.   Doctors, athletes, and even hairdressers are constantly learning new skills and improving their techniques. Martial arts professionals are no different.

Therefore, this is an attitude you’ll want to watch out for and avoid when choosing an assistant.  

A good question to ask a potential recruit is, “What is the last non-fiction book you’ve read?’ Readers are leaders.

Must Be Blessed With A Positive Attitude

This one rates right up there with a passion for the martial arts.   We’ve heard it all of our lives, a positive attitude is even more important than the skills that one possesses.   A positive attitude can help a person persevere through challenges and adversity.

Your new assistant should have a sense of humor and be willing to laugh at himself when he makes mistakes. People gifted with a positive attitude enjoy a high level of energy and a willingness to share that energy with others.  

This makes for a great martial arts instructor.

Your Assistant Should Look Like A Martial Artist

You’d be hard-pressed to find an overweight, out of shape aerobics instructor in your local fitness center.   It sends the wrong message to those intending on losing weight and getting into shape.  

Therefore, most aerobic instructors are in great shape and brimming with energy.   It serves as a great motivator for those struggling to make it through their aerobics class.

The same should hold true for the assistant you choose.   Your assistant should be fit, energetic and well groomed.   When wearing his clean, pressed uniform his image should evoke the mystery that comes from being a martial arts professional.  

Must Possess A Superb Teaching Ability

An excellent black belt doesn’t necessarily make an excellent instructor.   While it’s important to have passion and a desire for excellence in one’s skills; to be a good instructor requires an ability to communicate a theory and instruction in a clear, concise and easy to understand method.

Your assistant should possess incredible patience, and an energetic and motivational manner.   Those demanding technical perfection in their abilities are often too demanding on their students.  

This approach, of course, can do a lot more harm than good in terms of providing positive motivation for students.

Can Assist In Marketing, Sales, And Promotion

Of the many skills that your assistant should possess, he should feel comfortable teaming up with you in an effort to keep your current students, sell lessons to new students, and promote your studio.