"MATA Helped BIG TIME! I never owned my own martial arts school before and didn't know the first thing about what to do to get started. I was not very confident that I could do it. Mr. Graden worked with me to get me going in the right direction. The resources and support delivered by MATA makes providing quality martial arts clear and totally doable, totally profitable. Now, I can make a good living doing what I always wanted to do: teach Karate."

Idriys Eyssallenne
Future School Owner

“In my view John Graden has been the main leader in the martial arts world--a true role model who practices what he preaches. He is a pioneer and not a follower. If it were not for him, many of us would just have normal day jobs. He is a great human being with a wonderful heart. John is a martial artist at heart and then a business advisor second. He is one of the best martial arts instructors I have ever met, the modern day Bruce Lee.”

Matt Fiddes
Matt Fiddes International and Personal Bodyguard to Michael Jackson

"John Graden is one of the most intelligent, talented martial arts instructors I ever had the privilege to work with."

Keith Vitali
Sport Karate Legend

The First and The Best

John Graden is one of the most honest and experienced "business gurus" out there. He literally pulled the martial arts out of the stone age with his organizations, books, and magazine.

MVP Martial Arts

"Great resources and support for martial arts school owners! Mr. Graden changed the industry, let him help change your school for the better! Join MATA!"

Aaron Wayne-Duke
Galesburg Martial Arts Academy

“John Graden’s reputation stands alone above all other martial arts leaders, and I’ve worked with all of them.” –Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis
Martial Arts Legend

"John Graden is a master of the martial arts business world. He has become successful in just about every commercial aspect of the martial arts, and his expertise extends to schools, magazines, seminars, equipment, and even competitive events."

Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Kickboxing World Champion and Film Star

“John Graden is one of the top martial artists in the country.  In addition, he is a voice and inspiration for martial arts instructors and students worldwide.”

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy International