Sample Display Ideas

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January/February Strategy

Theme: Start the New Year Right!

Background: Get in shape theme. 
Sell: Sweatshirts, shoes, headbands, fitness videos and books. Heavy bags and other home training equipment

March /April

Theme: Kids in the Martial Arts.

Background: Paintings by children from your school, and good report cards.
Sell: Patches, children’s books, videos


Theme: The Tradition of the Martial Arts.

Background: Bamboo, a bonsai tree, sand and pebbles.
Sell: Uniforms, practice weapons


Theme: Patriotism

Background: Two large flags of your country, toy soldiers. 
Front: Uniform with flag colors stretched on wire. 
Sell: Equipment with flag colors plus, headbands, flag patches, T-shirts, etc

August/ September

Theme: Martial Arts Movies.

Background: Movie posters 
Sell: Everything! Posters, DVDs and videos of the films are great choices


Theme: Halloween.

Background: Orange paper and two large pumpkins. You can also use Halloween props.
Front: Ninja suits stretched on wire

November /December

Theme: Holidays.

Background: Small Christmas tree surrounded by gift-wrapped ‘presents’ and Christmas stockings.
Christmas items: Books, Videos, and Shoes.
Stocking stuffers: Patches, key chains

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