Seek Summer Opportunities Through Your Local School District

If you are suffering from the summertime slowdown, it’s time to get out and drum up some business through your local school district. That’s right. The schools in your town can provide perfect opportunities to increase your summertime business.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to introduce yourself to the school leaders in your area.This includes the principal, teachers and even the local school board. Get to know them on a personal level. Let them know how your school can benefit their students.

Building a good reputation with the schools in your area is like adding a whole new dimension to your public relations program. Their influence is far-reaching and can definitely prove beneficial to your school’s success.

If they are impressed with you and the programs that you offer, they will be more than happy to promote your martial arts programs to parents and their kids.

Also, they may be able to arrange to have your leadership/demonstration team to perform before local organizations such as the Parent-Teacher Association, Rotary Club, and others.

This, of course, gives you the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the positive benefits that martial arts has on the community, particularly to the youth in the community.

As the end of school draws near, take some time to visit with the school administrators to see if there is an opportunity for you to participate in some of the end-of-school activities.

For instance, perhaps your studio could become a destination for a class field day. Or, perhaps, you could become involved with your school’s annual game day.

Most schools have something along the lines of a game day. This is where kids compete in a variety of activities such as track and field events, softball throws, and more.

You might visit with the physical education coordinator at the school to see if you can set up a martial arts challenge course at the school game day. Chances are, the coordinator will be thrilled to incorporate something so unique into their program.

Once you receive approval to participate in the school’s game day, it’s time to get ready for the big event.

First, you’ll want to create eye-catching flyers on brightly colored paper offering game day participants a special price on your lessons. For instance, you can offer a “buddy promotion,” where one student signs up for an eight-week program, and his buddy gets in for free. If they split the cost, each kid gets in for half-price.

This will give you an opportunity to enroll them in your regular programs. You’ll make some money, and have the potential of adding two students to your full-time roster by the end of the summer.

On the day of the event, have two or three of your leadership and demonstration teams move your equipment to the location of the event. Have them set up the martial arts challenge course and time the participants.

Play days are fun-filled, relaxing events and provide a great opportunity for you to get to know the teachers, and to make a positive impression on the kids in the community.

Introduce yourself to the participants and ask them their names. Then, make a point of cheering them on through the martial arts challenge course. 

At the end of the event, make sure every game day participant walks away with one of your flyers, and Frisbee or a plastic mug with your studio logo, name, address and phone number printed on it.