Selling Martial Arts


One of the things that I dislike the most about most sales seminars was the us versus them mentality.

The use of phrases like, “I closed him,” or “I bagged him” were very uncomfortable to me since I sincerely care for my students.

Transforming negative words into positive words is a very important process. We call this transformational vocabulary (TV).

These TV examples simply scratch the surface of using positive imagery and wording. Let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather “get involved” in a school than “sign up?” Doesn’t it sound more powerful to “endorse a program” than to “sign a contract?” Doesn’t a “challenge” seem more inviting than the insurmountable connotation of a “problem?”

Certain words create negative emotions and slow down the enrollment process. We never use the word pitch instead, we make a presentation.

Negative Words and Phrases

⁃Replace cost or price with investment

⁃Replace contract with program, paperwork, and agreement

⁃Replace signed up with enrolled, involved,

⁃Replace sign at the bottom with endorse, okay, authorize,

⁃Replace problem with challenge, situation

⁃Replace I closed him with he’s now a student or He’s now involved with the school